MS Excel

Excel Basics

Pivot Tables & Charts


Introduction to VBA

Looping Part 2


Basic Reading Files in SAS

Introduction to SAS Procedures

Proc Tabulate

R Analytics


t-Test in R

IT For Managers

Business Process Management & IT (1/2)

CT 8

American Option Pricing- Binomial Model

CT 8_22_Credit Risk Merton Model

CT 8_23_Two State Model and JLT Model

CT 8_24_Lognormal Model

CT 2

CT2_Chapter 1

CT2_Chapter 7_Introduction to Accounting

Investment Banking | Financial Modeling

Hospitality Industry

CT 7

Introduction to Economics

Digital Marketing

DM Overview of Digital Marketing

DM Overview of Social Media

Business Strategy and Consulting

Strategy Implementation and Control

Strategic Financial Management | Derivatives

Forward and Futures